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Water Sanitisation Kit – BIO UV

Water treatment (Bio UV) is the safest method for disinfecting water to be used for human consumption. Treatment by ultraviolet light does not involve any chemical; it is natural, direct, and radical. The BIO-UV system: 1. Treats water originating from natural sources (wells, boreholes, intakes, etc.). 2. Makes tap water safe to drink after disinfection using active carbon. 3. Recycles rainwater for domestic use (under conditions). Specifications:  The BIO-UV Sanitization kit is equipped with 3 FILTERS and a UV Systems: • Washable Screen Filter – 60 Microns: Removal of suspended matter more than 60 microns • Cartridge Filter – 10 Microns: Removal of suspended matter more than 10 microns • Carbon filter – Removal of odour, organic chemicals and bad taste • UV Reactor – Destroy bacteria and virus.