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Beach Umbrellas

Protect your skin from damaging UV sun rays with our trendy beach umbrellas. Coming as a set, including umbrella frame, cover and wooden or stainless-steel base, our beach umbrellas are a summer must have! Bases are available in rectangular, square, round or octagonal shapes.

Parasol Palazzo Style

The PALAZZO® Style is suited to large outdoor surfaces; it is resistant to wind speeds of up to 115 m/h and protects against the sun and rain. The PALAZZO® Style can be opened and closed either manually with a maximum of 9 crank turns, or optionally via radio control, with an integrated motor. All control components and cables are installed in the pole and the frame and can be operated using a radio transmitter. In the event of the motor overheating, the PALAZZO® Style will switch off automatically and it has an emergency function so that it can be closed quickly.

Parasol Safari Style with center pole

The Safari is a true classic, its all wood composition gives it the warm old world charm. Built the way things used to be built, to last. Meticulously crafted from the finest grade eucalyptus, sourced only from 100% FSC certified timber mills, and highest quality weather resistant fabrics, with durable stainless steel fittings. This is a wooden parasol that it is built to outlast all others. AVAILABLE ONLY ON ORDER - DIMENSIONS POSSIBLE
  • Round : hexagonal - 6 Ribs, center poles 38mm, maximum 290cm
  • Round : Octagonal - 8 Ribs, center poles 60mm, maximum 500cm
  • Square: 4 Ribs - center pole 38mm, maximum 250cm
  • Square: 8 Ribs - center pole 60mm, maximum 380cm
  • Rectangle: 8 Ribs - center pole 60mm, maximum 430cm x 320cm
  • Sunbrella: 100% Sunbrella solution dyed colour. That fabric is UV, water, mould & stain resistant. A real world leader in outdoor fabric
  • Primo: Primo fabric is a range of customazedfabrics specially made for shade
  • Syntec: Syntec fabric completly water, soil and oil repellent.


Parasols provide garden decor & are an ideal form of sun protection. SIDE-MOUNTED CANTILEVER UMBRELLA – AG25 Details:
Length 3 meters
Width 3 meters
Shape Square
Material Sunbrella 100% solution dyed acrylic
Structure Aluminium, powder-coated in anthracite grey (5S1)
Arm Offset
Operation Operation Handle and sliding knob for adjusting angle Rotatable
Accessory Polyester protective cover
Colour 5404 natural
Width 3 meters
Shape Octogonal
Material Solution-dyed ObraviaTM fabric
Structure Chrome-finished anodised aluminium
Pole Central upright
Operation Push-up system with auto-lock
Colour Eggshell – Obravia 4804


There’s nothing like napping on the beach… What better way to enjoy a peaceful sleep under the sun, than opting for one of our beach mattresses? Made from special outdoor fabrics, our beach mattresses are available in a variety of colours.