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Alarms vigilance pack serenity

+ 2 watches for swimming pool. The pool alarm PACK Serenity is a passive system, which is triggered when a child falling into the pool. The child must have a bracelet Vigie Watch, attached to his wrist or swimsuit.


The Antilles swimming pool sees things double with its two entrances and two seats on each side of the pool, for twice the pleasure. Specifications: Size: 7 700 mm x 4 000 mm Volume: 30 000lts Dept : 1 000mm x 1 700mm Perimeter: 20 300mm Spa option: available


The Aqua Lounge is our latest and biggest swimming pool. This innovative product offers two separate areas for leisure : the swimming space and the lounge with a removable table. The perfect place to bring together all the generations. Ready to jump with your family and friends? Specifications: Size: 9,000 mm x 4,000 mm Volume: 46,500 lts Depth: 1500 mm Table: Material: Fibreglass Length: 1100mm Width: 700mm Height: 950mm The Pool Table comes with an umbrella hole.

Aqua-Net swimming pool safety net

The Aqua-Net swimming pool safety net, was designed and introduced to the world in 1972. Used by concerned parents for over 40 years, there have been ZERO reported drownings on an installed Aqua-Net to date. The Aqua-Net is a simple system that can be easily fitted and removed by an adult. Manufactured from UV treated polyethylene braid, the Aqua-Net has a breaking strain in excess of 150 kg.

Aquanet Alarm pool

MARQUE Aquanet
ORIGINE Afrique du Sud

Aquanet Leaf Catcha Pool Cover

The Leaf Catcha is constructed from 55% density UV treated shade cloth available in blue or black. The 55% density is used as it is easily stretched tightly over a pool and the material does not rest on the water when the cover is fitted on the pool.

Aquanet solid safety cover for pool and spa

Simplicity of design and ease of use: supported across the pool by aluminium battens that are secured into the PVC cover, one end is anchored into place with removable anchor bolts. The opposite end has corresponding ratchets which allow the cover to be tightened.

Aquaplouf II Underwater Pool Alarm

L’alarme Aquaplouf II est le modèle d’alarme de piscine offrant le système de détection d’immersion le plus fiable et le plus performant. Sa double conformité à la norme française NF P90-307, obtenue auprès de l’organisme de contrôle APAVE et du laboratoire national de métrologie d’essais et de certification LNE, témoigne de son avantage technologique.


It is the large family pool by definition. It offers athletes a 9-meter long swimming area as well as a long bench for spectators. What a delight! Specifications: Size: 9 100 mm x 3 600 mm/4 400mm Volume: 39 000lts Depth: 1 000mm-1 800mm Perimeter: 24 400mm Spa option : available

Beach Umbrellas

Protect your skin from damaging UV sun rays with our trendy beach umbrellas. Coming as a set, including umbrella frame, cover and wooden or stainless-steel base, our beach umbrellas are a summer must have! Bases are available in rectangular, square, round or octagonal shapes.


The bubbles is an innovative swimming pool that offers several leisure areas including an integrated and overflowing jacuzzi for relaxing and fun moments. It is also equipped with a bench over the entire opposite width. Definitely a great lifestyle swimming pool! Specifications: Size : 7700mm x 3700mm Volume : 14600lts Depth : 1000mm – 1750mm Perimeter : 21850mm Spa option : included


Description: The essential best-seller in its range, the Caribbean stands out for its optimized space. Its degraded depth can accommodate young and old alike for unforgettable family moments. Specifications: Size: 5 800 mm x 2 800 mm Volume: 17 500lts Depth: 1050mm x 1500mm Perimeter: 15 700mm Spa option: available