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Contributes to interior comfort and contributes to permanent savings by reducing heat loss / gain due to its inherent thermal insulation properties. APPLICATIONS Ceiling insulation in: – Residential buildings – Renovation in existing homes – Cover the insulation – Non-residential buildings

PVC Ceiling

PVC false ceiling custom made. The PVC false ceiling finds its place in our interiors thanks to the many assets it has. It effectively isolates and can hide electrical cables or install lighting. Highly resistant to moisture, PVC can easily equip any type of room, from the living room to the bathroom through the bedrooms or even the terrace.

Ravinale Ceiling

Ravinale false Ceiling Custom made. 100% Mauritian 100% Natural 100% Artisanal 100% Eco-Friendly

Wood Ceiling

Wooden false ceiling custom made. The wooden false ceiling isolate your room. At once aesthetic, it immediately serves warmth to a room, which create a comfortable and soft atmosphere.