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Acrylic domelight

Invite natural light through your roof and save energy We offer a wide range of square, rectangular and circular Domelights for domestic, commercial and industrial roofs. Manufactured with a superior quality acrylic (Perpex®) and reinforced with solid fibreglass flanges, we guaranty excellent water-tightness, resistance to strong winds and outstanding weatherability.

Aluminium sheeting

We strongly recommend that aluminium alloy 3004 be used, together with stainless steel screws, in coastal regions less than 600 m from the shore. Aluminium roofing Colour: a wide range is available Length: as per client’s request and up to 13 m Thickness: aluminium sheeting 0.80 mm Link:


Lacquered aluminum and PVC gutters custom made to fit your needs. We are able to adapt and focus on any type of supports and in any configuration. We will advise you on the most suitable and the most appropriate solution for your project.


Contributes to interior comfort and contributes to permanent savings by reducing heat loss / gain due to its inherent thermal insulation properties. APPLICATIONS Ceiling insulation in: – Residential buildings – Renovation in existing homes – Cover the insulation – Non-residential buildings

Lumisol Polycarbonate sheeting

Lumisol polycarbonate – 16 mm Thickness: 16 mm Density: 2.7 kg Achieve a minimum light transmission with 74 % of transparency One face protected by a plastic film Has a temperature resistance of – 40° C + 120° C Excellent heat transmission coefficient of 2.3 W / m².C Can easily be fixed Link:

Metal Sheeting

The pre-painted Zincalume© AM150 and AZ150 metal sheets are available several colours on order, depending on the surface required. Colours available: 26 colours Thickness available: 0.56, 0.63 & 0.75 mm Length: On order, up to 13 meters. Width: Effective covering width 815 mm for Profiled sheeting P820 Effective covering width 769 mm for Corrugated sheeting P760 Source: BlueScope Steel Ltd Link:

Panel Rib

The pre-painted Zincalume© AM150 metal sheets are available several colours on order, depending on the surface required. Colours available: 26 colours Thickness available: 0.56, 0.63 & 0.75 mm Length: On order, up to 14 meters. Width: Effective covering width 962 mm Source: BlueScope Steel Ltd Please visit Profilage® website for more information:

Polycarbonate Sheeting

ONDUCLAIR ® polycarbonate sheeting is a solution designed for natural lighting with excellent light transmission and durable optical properties. The ONDUCLAIR ® range is exceptionally lightweight yet stress-resistant and is practically unbreakable under normal use. Lengths: 2.5 & 5m Thicknesses: 0.8 & 1.00 mm Light transmission: Crystal (90%) and Opalin (46%) Finish : Crystal & Opalin Please visit Profilage® website for more information:

PVC Ceiling

PVC false ceiling custom made. The PVC false ceiling finds its place in our interiors thanks to the many assets it has. It effectively isolates and can hide electrical cables or install lighting. Highly resistant to moisture, PVC can easily equip any type of room, from the living room to the bathroom through the bedrooms or even the terrace.

PVC Gutters

The square and U shape PVC gutter are both smart, aesthetic and strong. It is ideal to evacuate water from your roof. We keep in stock only white colour with a maximum length of 4m. Please visit Profilage® website for more information:

Ravinale Ceiling

Ravinale false Ceiling Custom made. 100% Mauritian 100% Natural 100% Artisanal 100% Eco-Friendly

Shingles (Bardeaux)

Fatigué de maintenir le bois ? Nous sommes les pionniers au niveau local dans l’importation et dans l’installation des matériaux polymères composites, nous offrons une alternative économique et écologique au bois. Nos bardeaux pour votre toit nécessite presque aucun entretien après l’installation. Il peut être installé par nos équipes d’expérience ou par tout autre personnel expérimenté ou par vous si vous êtes bon bricoleur. 6 coloris disponibles. 20 ans de garantie limitée sur le produit et 1 an sur la fabrication. Ne pourrit pas Ne déforme pas Pas d’échardes Pas de termites Ne glisse pas