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Blinds | Bamboo Outdoor blinds

Popular, durable Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds are a great treatment for a patio, veranda or large balcony. They add elegance and style to an outdoor area as well as privacy. Bamboo is an ideal material to use for outdoor blinds not only because it is a renewable resource but also it is water proof. FEATURES & BENEFITS Gain privacy outside - Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds are made of matchstick bamboo. It allows people to look out but not for people to look in. Enjoy your outdoor space even in the heat of a summer's afternoon - Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds will help you control the amount of light in your space and filter out the harmful UV light from the sun. Respect the environment - They are not only made from a sustainable raw material, they are eco-friendly. They will make a positive impression of saving nature in your home. Use a strong and durable material - Ideco buys its bamboo from very well-known asian companies. We select our bamboo for their durability, resistance to water and extreme heat. Because of that, your Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds will last for years without warping or fading. A cost-effective choice - Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds are excellent value. Their durability makes them reliable as they fulfill the functions of the traditional blind with little to no maintenance.

Blinds | Outdoor blinds Sunscreen

The ultimate external screening solution with Ideco Outdoor blinds!!
  • Fabric from one of the world’s leader of sunscreen fabric for blinds
  • Very high mechanical resistance and dimensional stability with a value greater than 200 daN
  • Motor by Somfy® (France) and manual gear by BAT (Italy)
  • Model can be provided with a 4 mm stainless steel cable guide
  • 5 year warranty

Blinds in raffia & wood

The pioneer in Mauritius for nearly 30 years, believing us in what today made us famous – the BLINDS. Innovation the word that can take back our range of products from natural materials such as “the Rafia”. Our goal remains to be creative and original. MISSION: Staying the best in the world of blinds, providing better quality products as well as better services to all our customers. Reference: Prince Mauritius, Le Caudan, Royal palm, Residence Hotel, Anahita, Tamarina golf.

Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

Our homemade bamboo blinds will add texture and style to any room or outdoor. As well as bringing a nature touch and a rustic look to your home, it will filter sunlight. The bamboo is weaved in seven different patterns and available in natural or white colour which blend into both traditional and modern decors. Ideal for outdoors to close your veranda, terrace or gazebo and for indoors as window coverings, the bamboo blinds is a classic product who will always stay trendy.

Raffia blinds for balustrades

For more privacy on your terrace, without blocking your view and dim the light, we offer raffia blinds for your balustrade.

Raffia curtains

The raffia blinds can also be used indoors and outdoors. It can be used as a curtain in a room.

Sunscreening blinds (Maxi screen)

The Maxiscreen is a contemporary decorative performer offering comfort and ease of use. It is a solar protection system for exterior use, which is ideal for allowing views while still preserving intimacy inside a building or a terrace. As well as providing charm and individuality to your home’s exterior, our outdoor shade blinds offer a pleasant outdoor living environment by reducing sun’s heat as well as protecting from light wind and rain. The Maxiscreen is ideal to close up terraces, veranda or gazebo. The fabric openness factor can be chosen between 3% and 5% for effective light control and the product is available in various trendy colours. Made of qualitative PVC material, the Maxiscreen fabric is very resistant and its texture facilitates cleaning and maintenance. Our fabric is welded in order to guarantee the maximum durability and resistance to external environment. The components are made of aluminium and stainless steel which makes the blind suitable to humid or coastal environment.  

Weather Blinds

Two types available: Pleated weather blinds Elite weather blinds Made from qualitative transparent PVC, the weather blinds allow clear visibility to surrounding environment with the capacity to withstand wind and rain. The product is 100% welded and is made of aluminium and stainless steel components which are rust free. You can choose to have a manual or motorised blinds. Weather blinds are made to measure in Mauritius by Deco B who guarantee an after sales service.

White blinds in raffia

White raffia blinds are the solution for a bright room or veranda.