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Our retractable awning is ideal to expand outdoor living space or to cover terraces adding value to your property. Awning offers the ideal solution for sun protection, creating a comfortable outdoor environment Added benefits:
  • Lacquer in Qualicoat standards
  • Welded fabrics for maximum resistance to external environment
  • Sun protection from harmful UV rays
  • Wide range of plain and patterned fabrics to choose from
  • Ideal for both domestic and commercial space
  • All components from Spain
The awning can be operated manually with a hand crank or motorised. The maximum width of awning can go up to 5.85mts and the projection up to 3.50mts.  For commercial use, we also offer “XXL Awnings” with 7mts x 4.5mts projection. and privacy. The slats are available in wood to bring a feeling of warmth or in fauxwood perfect suit any humid environment.  The venetian blind is finished off beautifully with a valance ideal for neatly concealing the mechanism of the blind. The collection is a versatile range of colours and textures carefully created to complement any interior design, embracing current tastes and trends, making it a stylish addition to any room within your home.


[brand_phone_number] With Spettmann electric awnings, it becomes easy to control the amount of sunlight & shade on your terrace. With articulated arms and a tubular motor, our awnings provide high protection from UV rays, heat and sunlight.

Awnings – Ellisse

  • Stretchable arms and full closure
  • Aluminum frame and stainless steel components.
  • Variable inclination during installation
  • Highly resistant Tenara sewing thread
  • Tested on 17,000 opening and closing cycles
  • UV-resistant epoxy powder coated.
  • Maximum width: 540 cm; Maximum depth: 300 cm.
  • White Ral 9010
  • Grey RAL 9006

Awnings | Flex 300

  • Aluminum frame and stainless steel components
  • Flexcontrol patent with exceptional wind resistance
  • UV-resistant epoxy powder coated
  • Maximum width: 1180 cm; Maximum depth: 300 cm.
  • White Ral 9010
  • Flexcontrol patent
  • Wall and ceiling mount.
  • Maximum width: 1180 cm.

Awnings | Klip

KLIP is the square bar that adds innovation to tradition, it is the product that the market has been missing and from which everyone has learned. A classic awning sunglass, but at the same time new in design and functional in technology. Its components have been designed to perfection, ensuring functionality never seen in a square bar awning . KLIP coincides with our desire to break down the boundaries of awnings alone, creating something new.

Awnings | T-Way

Refined retractable aluminium arm awning
  • Electrical components concealed in the profiles
  • Wall and ceiling installation
  • Awning roll-up tube, Ø 102 cm, high strength
  • Water outflow at the sides of the front profile
  • Remote-controlled motor operation or with manual handling.
  • Wide choice of block out and filtering fabrics
  • Maximum dimensions: width 590 cm x depth 340 cm

Bioclimatic Pergola B-200XL

The B-200 XL pergola is the showpiece of the Brustor Outdoor Living family collection. The extra wide slats (21 cm) allow a wider projection and provide an optically calmer ceiling. Fully-automatic tilting aluminium slats mean you can regulate the sun’s rays with ease. Four coupled gutters drain the rainwater unnoticeably via the side poles.

Bioclimatic Pergola B-300

The B-300 pergola is a sleek aluminium outdoor living space with a waterproof PVC folding roof, which can be slid open partially or completely for optimal lighting. Unfolded, it guarantees perfect protection from the sun. The four invisibly built-in rain gutters ensure perfect drainage.

Blinds | Aluminium blinds

Ideco Aluminium venetian  blinds are simply stylish, providing a modern, chic and clean look yo your home. They are highly functional for light, temperature, ventilation and privacy control. Easy to clean, dust can be easily brushed off using a clean soft cloth, duster or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.


  • Control your light and privacy with colorful options – Ideco Aluminium blinds come with the widest range of colors and finishes and with two choices of slat sizes, either 25mm or 50mm
  • Made to last a lifetime – To ensure a superior quality product, Ideco uses only top quality slating imported from Europe and approved selected suppliers from Asia, which should not be confused with low quality imitation PVC. Our blinds are fully resistant to abrasion, peeling, scratching, dulling and discoloration.
  • A fantastic solution for larger windows – Ideco Aluminium blinds are made-to-measure and will perfectly fit large windows, special shaped windows or standard window sizes.
  • Back to the basics – If you are looking for an economically practical solution, Ideco Aluminium blinds are right for you as they can be very affordable depending on the options you choose.
  • Control at the touch of a button – Being able to tilt your blinds with our motorized system means you can tilt them open or closed with the touch of a button without leaving your seat.

Blinds | Bamboo blinds

If you need a fresh way to dress up your window, bamboo blinds may just be what you are looking for. Our Ideco Bamboo blinds range for indoor can update and enhance your windows with minimal impact on your budget and on the environment.

Blinds | Bamboo Outdoor blinds

Popular, durable Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds are a great treatment for a patio, veranda or large balcony. They add elegance and style to an outdoor area as well as privacy. Bamboo is an ideal material to use for outdoor blinds not only because it is a renewable resource but also it is water proof. FEATURES & BENEFITS Gain privacy outside - Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds are made of matchstick bamboo. It allows people to look out but not for people to look in. Enjoy your outdoor space even in the heat of a summer's afternoon - Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds will help you control the amount of light in your space and filter out the harmful UV light from the sun. Respect the environment - They are not only made from a sustainable raw material, they are eco-friendly. They will make a positive impression of saving nature in your home. Use a strong and durable material - Ideco buys its bamboo from very well-known asian companies. We select our bamboo for their durability, resistance to water and extreme heat. Because of that, your Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds will last for years without warping or fading. A cost-effective choice - Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds are excellent value. Their durability makes them reliable as they fulfill the functions of the traditional blind with little to no maintenance.

Blinds | Duette Blinds

Since first introducing honeycomb blinds in Mauritius, Ideco Duette blinds have been at the forefront of innovative design, offering the ideal balance between function and energy efficiency together with versatility and style.


  • Privacy, light control and insulation – Produced from a spun-bonded polyester honeycomb structured fabric, Ideco Duette blinds are unrivaled when it comes to window coverings that will keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, as well as helping you save on energy costs.
  • Attractive, contemporary, versatile – Ideco Duette blinds are available in a large range of colors, fabric styles, opacities and textures to soften light and bring warmth to any room – as well as the largest range of operating systems to suit any window or door.
  • Top-Down / Bottom-Up – Open from the top, from the bottom, or find somewhere in-between-for the perfect balance of privacy and light.
  • Special shapes – Many shapes such as triangles and arched windows can be covered with a fixed Duette shape.
  • Controlled at the touch of a button – Thanks to our motorized system, with just one click you can open or close your blinds with perfect positioning and alignment without leaving your seat.
  • Preserve our local labour – All Ideco blinds are locally made-to-measure by a team of true mauritian craftsmen.