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Roller shutters


The SLINE roller shutters is a complete shutter system designed for residential as well as commercial buildings ensuring protection against extreme weather conditions such as cyclones and flying debris. This system also offers security against burglars and ensures noise protection. Mostly exposed to bad weather conditions, the material of the roller shutter is very important to ensure efficiency and durability. Aluminium offers longer product life and sturdiness while remaining light in weight.

Product Highlights:

  • Offers a maximum level of security & privacy.
  • Roller shutters are motorised and can be operated by a single click for opening and closing of shutters.
  • The system acts as a sun protection and provides insulation to windows, doors and verandah space keeping your home warm during winter and cooler during summer.
  • Respect to Aesthetics: Product rolls up in aluminium box easily for compact storage. There is minimum obstruction to passage or vision area.


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