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Home security


Brink’s combines state-of-the-art security solutions to optimize the protection of a home. This combination is Brink’s Home Security, a tailor-made solution to your needs and requirements, with an innovative formula: a high-end alarm system combined with a 24-hour surveillance and intervention service 24h/24, 7d/7. All of which can be offered in an all-inclusive monthly rental formula in order to benefit from an optimal home protection with controlled budget.


As from Rs 1,750* per month, Brink’s Home Security mensual offer comprises:

  • A security audit by Brink’s experts to properly identify risks;
  • The provision of a wireless alarm system, adaptable to the site;
  • 5 years long term rental (or 3 years with revised monthy price);
  • A monthly subscription to Brink’s monitoring and intervention 24h24 / 7d7, for optimal security;
  • A maintenance service for a lasting reliability of the equipment.

In option: Smartphone Connection  |  Home Automation  |  Sound & Images Check  |  Preventive Patrols

*Installation of equipment will be ensure by Brink’s technicians and invoiced at a separate cost.