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Guarding Services


On 1st October 2005, Caudan Security Services, in recognition for the need of providing quality security services undertook guarding services for industrial buildings, commercial centers, offices and hotels at national level.  Our vision is to address both the attitude of corporate decision makers as a whole in terms of the opinion of security service standards, which is prevailing in the private security industry. Providing security for employees, customers, visitors and corporate assets is a critically important responsibility.  

We have earned  excellence in protecting the entire waterfront development since 1996. We are finding ways to exceed our standards more efficiently as the company grows and diversifies.  We have a guard force of 800 personnel deployed on 103 sites islandwide. We are fully committed in providing our clients with the most  effective and efficient service possible. 


This Unit was set up under the responsibility of a recognized dog trainer and dog breeder from ‘Société Central Canine de France’.  Our dogs are deployed under the full control of dog handlers.  These guard dogs are provided to our clients for those assignments that require additional support and deterrence.  The principal security duties are to make patrolling more thorough and effective. 

Caudan Security services  has developed this year, various canine related services as an add-on to complement its traditional Security guard with dog support in physical security. We count a pack of nearly 20 pure-breed trained dogs.

The new services offered include:

  • Dog breeding and Boarding
  • Dog training and handling with participation of owner

Dog breeding and Boarding

Caudan Security welcomes dogs for sleepovers by reservation. Our facilities are staffed 24/7 so your dog is never, ever left alone. We may be called a kennel, but we are not the typical boring dog kennel. We would rather prefer to be referred as a community play centre for dogs. We provide indoor/outdoor play facility with plenty of space for both group exercise and quiet time when needed. One of our animal coaches will spend time with your dog to know him and to pair them in small group for playtime based on a variety of factors including personality, size, and temperament.  We provide loving attention and, just like home your dog eats its own food, on its own schedule. We can even provide medical support with your consent.

Dog training and handling with participation of owner

It’s a whole new world for dog training.

The days of people thinking about training their dog as simply teaching to sit, stay or down are fading. Instead, we are using the power of ever-evolving world of behavioural science to change not only how we teach our dogs, but also how we understand and communicate with them, building lasting bonds based on mutual trust, respect and love instead of pain, fear and intimidation. We make dog training easy and accessible to all. You work directly with a dog trainer aiming to foster a positive relationship between you and your dog. We focus on training people, as much or more as training dogs, so that once you learn to communicate effectively with your dog, you will have the effective tools to be the leader of his/her pact.

Guard Monitoring

Most of our guarding sites are equipped with advanced electronic guard monitoring systems. They inform management  of a guard’s movements while on duty through radio signals.
The three main aspects of this facility are: 

  • Firstly, to ascertain that scheduled patrols are completed and guards are alert throughout their tours of duty.
  • secondly, to prove, in retrospect, that the guard did in fact  patrol and,
  • Finally to ensure that supervisors visit each guarding site on a regular basis.

This system, though not requested by the customer, is systematically installed on all major guarding sites to show our commitment in delivering reliable and professional services.

Caudan Security Training Academy holds courses on ‘Security Guards Training’ as follows:

  • 140 contact hours (3 week full time MQA Approved Course)
  • 35 hours Induction Course (1 week full time MQA Approved Course)
  • Cadres for Junior Ranks and Second-In-Commands.
  • Refresher Course for Second-In-Commands, Site Commanders and Controllers.

The next ten years showed steady growth with a fresh and innovative approach providing services in security within the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors, serving both the public and mainly the private sectors. High levels of expertise and continuous years of providing security solutions enable us to assess risks and advise our clients on their threat levels and security required.

Our personnel are fully committed in providing our clients with the most effective and efficient service possible, by wearing highly visible and distinctive clothing which creates a reassuring presence on our sites and inspires confidence amongst the clientele.