Grease trap

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A Grease trap is a plumbing device which intercept fats, oil, grease, and solids (fogs) from the kitchen sink before they enter the sewer network or a wastewater disposal pit. It prevents blockage of the evacuation pipes, the sewer network as well as the absorption pit. Specifications:

• Made of 100% virgin Polyethylene

• Normally placed below ground level to avoid odours

• Outfitted with a UV stabilised screwed lid.

• Available in six capacities

• Colour: Black

• Made in Mauritius


Grease Trap 140L – Rs. 4,100 (Selling Price)

Grease Trap 200L – Rs. 5,100 (Selling Price)

Grease Trap 350L – Rs. 6,600 (Selling Price)

Grease Trap 1800L – Rs. 21,500 (Selling Price)

Grease Trap 3000L – Rs. 26,700 (Selling Price)

Grease Trap 4700L – Rs. 43,600 (Selling Price)

Price includes VAT and delivery on ground level

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