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Septic tank


A septic tank is a key component of a sewage system and is important for public health and environment. Effluent flows from the toilet through the sewer piping network into a tank where liquids, fats, oils and solids are separated. Bacteria in the septic tank consumes the organic matters and leaves behind a treated effluent which flows to an absorption pit.


• Manufactured from 100% virgin material

• A superior dome structural integrity and design for durability

• Reinforced structural brace ring and ribs

• A riser shaft that provides greater flexibility for installation

• Easy to transport and install

• Rotationally moulded, One-Piece Construction

• Rust and corrosion free/ Excellent Chemical Resistance / Pre-Plumbed / Ready for installation

• Watertight Lid – Duraco septic tanks come outfitted with a UV stabilised domed lid.

• Proven track record of trouble-free service.

• Available colours – Natural or black.

• Approved by the Wastewater Authority

• Warranty: 3 Years

• Made in Mauritius


Septic Tank 1800L – Rs. 23,300 (Selling Price)

Septic Tank 3000L – Rs. 28,900 (Selling Price)

Septic Tank 4700L – Rs. 47,100 (Selling Price)

Price includes VAT and delivery on ground level