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Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles


For a high comfort and acoustic without sacrificing the look of your flooring, we proudly represent 2 amazing brands.

àThe multinational Carpet Inter allow us to offer designed, durable and comfortable underfoot products. The different collections and the advantage of carpet tiles is that you can mix different styles, shapes, colours or textures for endless layout options. For more underfoot comfort and noise reduction, the Ecosoft collection marks a new era in the development of high performance and environmentally friendly carpet tile cushion backing: a thick underlay made out of recycled bottles is integrated in the carpet.

à INCATI (by TAPIBEL) is our favourite Belgian supplier where innovation is the heart of the brand. They allow us to offer stylish and high quality collections of carpet tiles mainly for (heavy) contract and commercial use, here in Mauritius. For greater performance in offices, INCATI have an expertise in sound reduction (several collection reduce sound up to 50%). We like and recommend their products also because of its sustainability dedication: Myriad-made collections is manufactured from 100% sustainable ECONYL® yarn : 100% regenerated and regenerable fibre made from pre- and post-consumer Nylon 6 waste materials.


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