Tusk Contracting Ltd

Since 1989, Tusk Contracting has been a provider of comprehensive construction, repairs and maintenance services. We are specialized in: hot and cold waterproofing;
industrial and decorative flooring; concrete repairs; construction and expansion joints; ventilation and air extraction; epoxy grouts and crack injection.
On the retail side, we sell ABE industrial products but also geotextile, waterbars, and more.
Construction is a high hazard industry; our company is fully conscious and compliant to safety and health standards over a wide range of activities with which we deal
every day. Our fully trained staff, including licensed professionals, possesses the understanding and knowledge to address any operations, maintenance or construction
We own our warehouse and equipment that enable us to provide fast and effective response. Our core ability to self-perform our work ensures personalized management
of your project with a single point of contact as well as enhanced cost-efficiencies.
We are proud of our reputation locally and abroad. What sets us apart is our reliability, accessibility during office and off hours, our pro-active problem solving, focusing
on your needs, either planned or emergency, and quickly responding to them.

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The hot waterproofing is done by using a torch on bituminous membranes (one or two layers) which act like a barrier between the concrete and the water, preventing the passage of water. This type of waterproofing is normally use in the basement, on the roof of a building but also on bridges, planter box and more.