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Resiglas was born and became the pioneer in the manufacturing of fibreglass products in the Indian Ocean since 1958. A symbol of stability and an inexhaustible source of memories, Resiglas has evolved over the years supporting Mauritian families in equipping their homes, thus contributing to their well-being for more than 60 years.

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Acrylic domelight

Invite natural light through your roof and save energy We offer a wide range of square, rectangular and circular Domelights for domestic, commercial and industrial roofs. Manufactured with a superior quality acrylic (Perpex®) and reinforced with solid fibreglass flanges, we guaranty excellent water-tightness, resistance to strong winds and outstanding weatherability.


The Antilles swimming pool sees things double with its two entrances and two seats on each side of the pool, for twice the pleasure. Specifications: Size: 7 700 mm x 4 000 mm Volume: 30 000lts Dept : 1 000mm x 1 700mm Perimeter: 20 300mm Spa option: available


The Aqua Lounge is our latest and biggest swimming pool. This innovative product offers two separate areas for leisure : the swimming space and the lounge with a removable table. The perfect place to bring together all the generations. Ready to jump with your family and friends? Specifications: Size: 9,000 mm x 4,000 mm Volume: 46,500 lts Depth: 1500 mm Table: Material: Fibreglass Length: 1100mm Width: 700mm Height: 950mm The Pool Table comes with an umbrella hole.


It is the large family pool by definition. It offers athletes a 9-meter long swimming area as well as a long bench for spectators. What a delight! Specifications: Size: 9 100 mm x 3 600 mm/4 400mm Volume: 39 000lts Depth: 1 000mm-1 800mm Perimeter: 24 400mm Spa option : available


The bubbles is an innovative swimming pool that offers several leisure areas including an integrated and overflowing jacuzzi for relaxing and fun moments. It is also equipped with a bench over the entire opposite width. Definitely a great lifestyle swimming pool! Specifications: Size : 7700mm x 3700mm Volume : 14600lts Depth : 1000mm – 1750mm Perimeter : 21850mm Spa option : included


Description: The essential best-seller in its range, the Caribbean stands out for its optimized space. Its degraded depth can accommodate young and old alike for unforgettable family moments. Specifications: Size: 5 800 mm x 2 800 mm Volume: 17 500lts Depth: 1050mm x 1500mm Perimeter: 15 700mm Spa option: available


Simple and cosy, this small plunge pool has delighted the most prestigious residential projects. Its shape has been designed to suit all generations and thus favour good family moments Specifications: Size: 3300 mm x 3300 mm Volume: 10 000lts Depth: 1 170mm Perimeter: 13 200mm Spa option: available


Designed for the actual modern architecture, the Coral offers a side entrance which allows you to enter the pool directly from your terrace. This model is also available in a larger size (Pacific). Specifications: Size: 7 400 mm x 4 200 mm Volume: 33 000lts Depth: 1 000mm x 1 650mm Perimeter: 11 900mm Spa option: available

Fibreglass water tank

Our fibreglass tanks have been in service for more than half a century. Quality and durability are proven, It’s a Resiglas… Their design and glossy finish give an aesthetic look. Either for domestic or industrial use, a wide range of models and capacities are available for storage of potable water or chemicals. Fibreglass capacity available: 475Lts 730Lts 1000Lts 1100Lts 1730Lts 2060Lts 4500Lts 9000Lts 20000Lts 25000Lts 30000Ltd


The Hawaii offers a side entrance which allows you to enter the pool directly from your terrace. Thanks to its integrated benches, it promises moments of relaxation under the sun. Its degraded depth can accommodate young and old alike for unforgettable family moments. Specifications: Size : 5,800 mm x 3,200 mm Volume : 14,500 lts Depth : 950 mm – 1410 mm


Description: Practical and symmetrical, this small flat bottom swimming pool will satisfy small spaces and budgets. Just add water. Instant fun! Specifications: Size: 4 000 mm x 2 200 mm Volume: 10 000lts Depth: 1 200mm Perimeter: 11 900mm Spa option: available


Its size and depth offer many possibilities. This is why the Mediterranean is one of our greatest successes. Its C shape bench is ideal for a comfortable and pleasant space that can also be upgraded in an even more exciting & relaxing area with a spa. Specifications: Size: 7 300 mm x 3 600 mm Volume: 30 000lts Depth: 1 000mm x 1 750mm Perimeter: 20 000mm Spa option: available