Opening Solutions Ltd is a fusion of experience people with a strong level of knowledge and skills in the Aluminium industry. Our light structure enable us to apply very good prices for the local market while offering a 10 years guarantee on our product.

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Doors in Jalousie

These jalousie doors are the small version of standard doors which are commonly used for Generator, pump room or kitchen yard and stores. It is a complete and versatile system where durability for outdoor condition are required. Very easy to maintain, it protects from the rain while keeping a level of ventilation. Price: Upon demand as the model and dimension vary accordingly.

Doors in Shutters

The Shutters operates for both windows and doors with the same characteristics and function. They can be single or double and be mounted either in glass, full panel or more often in ‘jalousie’. Swing or sliding, its designed for both industrial and residential project where durability and sound weathering characteristic are required due to the outdoor environment factors. Price: Upon demand as the model and dimension vary accordingly.


The Louvers (commonly known as Naco locally) is a robust product mainly design for residential projects where durability and ventilation characteristics are required. Available in modern design, the system accommodates intermediate alu bars that reinforce the security aspect. Very useful in coastal and hot region.

Roller Shutters

Here are our two models of Roller Shutters from our supplier Alu System. Both very easy to use through remote controls, the motor comes from Somfy which is the supplier from Italy and is the leader in house opening automation with 2 years guarantee.

Security grills

We have two models of Security Grills, the Saftidor and the Multiguard.

Sliding Doors

Here is our range of doors, each of them has its specificity and own function according to the design of the house. Above the aesthetic side of a project, the choice of the doors are usually associated with the level of security and ventilation but very often for the space it can contribute in living areas.