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Duraco Ltée positions itself as a service provider that offers innovative solutions to its customers in the fields of water, sewer, renewable energy and environmental protection. We are committed to provide eco-friendly and innovative solutions to reduce the impact of activities on our precious planet. Our prime objective is to inspire you to adopt green approach and initiatives through our products.

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Above ground Water Tank- Cylindrical

Duraco Water Tanks are rotationally manufactured from extremely strong yet lightweight material. All our polyethylene storage tanks are suitable for collection and storage of water for drinking and other household uses.

  • 500 lts suitable for 2 persons        - 780 lts suitable for 3 persons
  • 1000 lts suitable for 5 persons      - 1500 lts suitable for 7 persons
  • 2500 lts suitable for 12 persons     -4000 lts suitable for 20 persons
  • 6000 lts suitable for 30 persons     -9000 lts suitable for 45 persons

Above ground Water Tank- Horizontal

Duraco Water Tanks are rotationally manufactured from extremely strong yet lightweight material. All our polyethylene storage tanks are suitable for collection and storage of water for drinking and other household uses.

  • 450 lts suitable for 2 persons
  • 900 lts suitable for 4 persons
  • 1200 lts suitable for 6 persons
  • 2000 lts suitable for 10 persons

Compost Bin

80% of the Municipal Domestic Wastes (Papers, Yard wastes and Food wastes) are classified as organic which represent an opportunity to convert them into valuable resources by recycling through composting process into bio-fertilizers. The design of Duraco Compost bin is ideal for an easy composting process and is durable and easily handled. Specification: • Manufactured from 100% virgin material • Moulded in-one-piece design • Opaque design with holes on the sides for airflow • UV stabilized • No taste or odour imparted from polyethylene • High impact resistance • A robust and user-friendly system made in two pieces; the drum and its base • Recessed handles and wheeled base make turning and mixing process effortless as compared to conventional compost bins • Easy transfer of compost to containers • Made in Mauritius • Warranty: 12 Years manufacturing defect 1 year on accessories • Length – 885 mm, width – 590 mm, Height – 885 mm  

Grease trap

A Grease trap is a plumbing device which intercept fats, oil, grease, and solids (fogs) from the kitchen sink before they enter the sewer network or a wastewater disposal pit. It prevents blockage of the evacuation pipes, the sewer network as well as the absorption pit. Specifications: • Made of 100% virgin Polyethylene • Normally placed below ground level to avoid odours • Outfitted with a UV stabilised screwed lid. • Available in six capacities • Colour: Black • Made in Mauritius  

Solar Water Heater

The Duraco Solar Water Heaters are made from the latest thermal technology known as Vacuum Tubes. The solar unit consists of a solar collector and a hot water storage tank. They have been designed and built to suit weather conditions similar to those prevailing in Mauritius.

  • 150 L - Non pressure
  • 200 L - Non pressure
  • 200 L - Split compact
  • 300 L - Split compact

Underground Water tank – 4700L

  If space is an issue, Duraco Underground Water tank is designed to provide the perfect solution to meet your requirement for water storage and domestic needs without taking up valuable space. This tank model MUST be buried like a coffin, i.e. NO concrete base and NO retainer wall to be provided. Duraco Water Tanks main features:
  • Manufactured from 100% virgin material
  • Stylish and aesthetic
  • Moulded in one piece
  • Screwed Cover
  • No taste and Odour imparted
  • Food grade material – ensuring health and safety of consumers
  • UV protected – extending the lifetime of your water tank
  • Opaque design – preventing the growth of algae and proliferation of bacteria

Water Sanitisation Kit – BIO UV

Water treatment (Bio UV) is the safest method for disinfecting water to be used for human consumption. Treatment by ultraviolet light does not involve any chemical; it is natural, direct, and radical. The BIO-UV system: 1. Treats water originating from natural sources (wells, boreholes, intakes, etc.). 2. Makes tap water safe to drink after disinfection using active carbon. 3. Recycles rainwater for domestic use (under conditions). Specifications:  The BIO-UV Sanitization kit is equipped with 3 FILTERS and a UV Systems: • Washable Screen Filter – 60 Microns: Removal of suspended matter more than 60 microns • Cartridge Filter – 10 Microns: Removal of suspended matter more than 10 microns • Carbon filter – Removal of odour, organic chemicals and bad taste • UV Reactor – Destroy bacteria and virus.