D.Beekhun & Sons Ltd

Settled in Cottage in the north of the Island since 1980, D. BEEKHUN & SONS LTD, has ever since believed in what today has made its frame – Crafts.
It has now acquire national and international recognition for this dedication to creativity and craftmanship for its artisanal blinds and shades.
Our company now has set up a new product lines with the same philosophy that made its blindes and shades frame.

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Blinds in raffia & wood

The pioneer in Mauritius for nearly 30 years, believing us in what today made us famous – the BLINDS. Innovation the word that can take back our range of products from natural materials such as “the Rafia”. Our goal remains to be creative and original. MISSION: Staying the best in the world of blinds, providing better quality products as well as better services to all our customers. Reference: Prince Mauritius, Le Caudan, Royal palm, Residence Hotel, Anahita, Tamarina golf.

Raffia blinds for balustrades

For more privacy on your terrace, without blocking your view and dim the light, we offer raffia blinds for your balustrade.

Raffia curtains

The raffia blinds can also be used indoors and outdoors. It can be used as a curtain in a room.

White blinds in raffia

White raffia blinds are the solution for a bright room or veranda.