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Since 1998, Alu systèmes has brought know-how and expertise to indoor & outdoor fittings.

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[brand_phone_number] With Spettmann electric awnings, it becomes easy to control the amount of sunlight & shade on your terrace. With articulated arms and a tubular motor, our awnings provide high protection from UV rays, heat and sunlight.

Bioclimatic Pergola B-200XL

The B-200 XL pergola is the showpiece of the Brustor Outdoor Living family collection. The extra wide slats (21 cm) allow a wider projection and provide an optically calmer ceiling. Fully-automatic tilting aluminium slats mean you can regulate the sun’s rays with ease. Four coupled gutters drain the rainwater unnoticeably via the side poles.

Bioclimatic Pergola B-300

The B-300 pergola is a sleek aluminium outdoor living space with a waterproof PVC folding roof, which can be slid open partially or completely for optimal lighting. Unfolded, it guarantees perfect protection from the sun. The four invisibly built-in rain gutters ensure perfect drainage.

Deco shutter – Thermowood


Deco shutters require little maintenance and are specially designed to withstand heat and humidity. They come with a three-year guarantee. The louvres can be tilted to provide ventilation and light for a modular interior opening to the great outdoors. Whether for an interior door, a light space divider or a wardrobe door, Deco shutters are made-to-measure in a multitude of configurations.

Interior Blinds

We are representatives for indoor blinds crafted by Taylor, who offer a wide range of products to suit all styles of interior decor.


  • Two brass Slamlocks™. The design patented by Maxidor is more resistant than a classic protective grill.
  • In an emergency, the two independent locks can be snapped shut without having to find the key.
  • Two 13.0 mm thick uprights for extra solidity.
  • Flights (diagonal attachment bars) of a design specific to Maxidor in 5 mm thick stainless steel, with the hinges protected behind the double uprights, increasing resistance to intruders.
  • An aluminium track rail with strong connecting components that can better withstand an attack than a U track, as well as a curved bottom rail designed to prevent tripping.
  • Powder-coated for a perfect and long-lasting finish (resistant to rust and sunlight).


Parasols provide garden decor & are an ideal form of sun protection. SIDE-MOUNTED CANTILEVER UMBRELLA – AG25 Details:
Length 3 meters
Width 3 meters
Shape Square
Material Sunbrella 100% solution dyed acrylic
Structure Aluminium, powder-coated in anthracite grey (5S1)
Arm Offset
Operation Operation Handle and sliding knob for adjusting angle Rotatable
Accessory Polyester protective cover
Colour 5404 natural
Width 3 meters
Shape Octogonal
Material Solution-dyed ObraviaTM fabric
Structure Chrome-finished anodised aluminium
Pole Central upright
Operation Push-up system with auto-lock
Colour Eggshell – Obravia 4804

See-Thought Roller Shutter

With their perforated slats, you retain the comfort and security of standard roller shutters while providing better ventilation and allowing natural light to penetrate. 77 mm micro-perforated slats for use on openings of up to 7 metres.


ShutterGuards® are made-to-measure aluminium security shutters, that come with a ten-year guarantee. Taylor has designed and patented an innovative system that has been subjected to numerous security tests, in order to produce shutters that are virtually impenetrable. The louvres can be adjusted to control air circulation and light.

Standard Roller Shutter

Our shutters are made to measure with two kinds of aluminium slats available:
  • 55 mm slats at a very competitive price for smaller openings.
  • 77 mm slats suitable for large openings (up to 7 metres).