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Active Response


A Central Monitoring Station is operational and manned on a 24-hour basis. Signals from alarm systems can be monitored by either radio, telephone or GSM. Calls via normal telephone line or cell phone are transmitted to the monitoring station. We can also monitor signal alarms such as fire, medical emergencies, power failures as well as the opening and closing times of business premises. Our monitoring network covers the nine districts of the island. The Central Monitoring Station also serves our guarding customers by providing monitoring services for electronic devices installed on sites to track guards’ patrol in real-time mode. 

Caudan Active Response was launched on 12 April 2000 and has presently grown into a major service provider in the country. We deploy 14 teams with 95 men and service over 4,500 clients through our network coverage.  Today we are providing the service in all regions over the island, supported by a Central Monitoring Station and backed up by several repeater sites.  

Our Active Response Team has been extensively trained to react quickly and effectively to protect life and property and to work closely with the police and other security services in the fight against crime.  It is important to note that reaction officers have the same powers, rights and privileges as private citizens. 
The national alarm monitoring and rapid response service combines the latest technology with our trained reactive force and patrol vehicles. It offers effective and efficient 24-hour security to persons, home-owners and businesses alike.  We protect property and assets through a round the clock monitoring from our Central Monitoring Station based at Le Caudan Waterfront. 

Rapid response to burglar alarm, panic alarm and fire are dealt by our fully trained 24-hour response team who are deployed throughout the island in dedicated vehicles within a radius of 5km to connected premises.  Our Active Response Teams are dedicated exclusively to the services of our response clients. 

Caudan Active Response combines its quick reaction intervention vehicles with latest technology covering the island on a 24/7 basis.

Our teams are trained to provide rapid intervention and are strategically positioned in their respective zones in order to attend to any alarm within the best time.

Caudan Active Response has evolved considerably over the years with the induction of new subscribers on our system.  Consequently, our Response teams have witnessed a significant increase in terms of man-power and in term of their reach and span of control within their dedicated Zones. Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS module that provides live monitoring of their activities under the direct control of the Control Centre.

The team also carry out random patrol in their respective zone of responsibility following a response in that particular sector within the zone. Special patrols may be arranged on requests.